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I have created a Site Definition using Visual Studio and also created a List Definition from which I use the List Instance in a web-scoped feature which activates upon creation of a subweb using the Site Definition.

Everything works perfectly and I've also managed to create my own left navigation using the XML <NavBars> tags in my Site Definition.

My challenge here is that when the list gets created via my feature, SharePoint tends to add Libraries -> Listname in the QuickLaunch. What I want to do is to disable this behaviour from happening.

Is it possible through the Site Definition or do I have to do this through code?

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There's a property for the list instance called something like ShowOnQuickLaunch, and you want to set that to false.

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Thank you. I actually just noticed it. Have an upvote anyhow – Daniel Ziga Oct 11 '11 at 12:07

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