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Is it possible to add more levels in Content -> Levels to show in the OOTB Table of Contents web part? Could this be edited in some file or do I need to build a custom web part in order to get more levels displayed?

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You could try to export the webpart, edit the property 'levelToShow ( <property name="LevelsToShow" type="int">10</property>) and import the webpart again.

You probably want to update the XSL-stylesheet as well, to accomadate for the extra levels.

(Don't change the settings with 'edit webpart' afterwards, you will overwrite the levelsToShow value.)

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Thanks! I initially had problems with exporting the web part (the option didn't show up) but after doing a IISRESET it showed and it worked out just as you suggested. – K.W Oct 10 '11 at 7:38

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