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Is there a way I can customize the alert subscription email sent to users when they subscribe (or their subscription added by System Administrator) to a list for Alerts?

I've gone through Microsoft.Sharepioint.ApplicationPages.SubNewPage but the method that adds alerts is too cryptic :(

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If you want to change it for all users in your entire SharePoint Farm, you'd want to make a copy of the Alerts .xml file in the 12-Hive\Templates directory, then update the file as you would like it to display.

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Hi Craig I was not able to find Alerts.xml file anywhere on my box. Though there is alerttemplates.xml which I've already customized and does not contains template for subscription notification email. – TheVillageIdiot Mar 30 '10 at 4:10

It's AlertTemplate.xml @ [12|14]\TEMPLATE\XML


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