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I was recently made site admin for a sharepoint site (sharepoint 2007), previously maintained by my colleague. This site contains some lists, libraries whose permission I am not able to change. That is, I dont see the "Settings" option on these previously created objects.

I assume the issue is, inheritance doesn't work with retrospective effect. Hence I dont have the Full Access to the child objects even though I have Full access to the parent site. Is there something I can do to get full access to the child objects? Pls let me know. Thanks.

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Get a site collection administrator to reset the permissions inheritance. This will reset permissions to what exists on the site. Then you'll have full control again and can reset permissions.

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If you're the farm admin, you can also grant yourself full control over all sites in a web application.

Go to SharePoint Central Administration --> Application Management --> Policy For Web Application (under the Application Security section)

In there, select your web application, and then add your user account with "Full Control".

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