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I have some users who have contribute access on a list and read access on the site but anytime a user tries to alert himself he gets

Error: Access Denied

Why is this? I even gave the user Full Control on the list, still the same issue!

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I had this problem recently. In my case, a user had Contribute access to a list but at the site level had Restricted Read. Restricted Read doesn't have the Create Alerts permission. Replacing the site permissions with Read resolved the issue.

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The permission to create alerts is actually at the site level. By default, I don't think the OOTB Visitors/Readers group can do this.

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Do the site permissions allow for persnalization permissions? In the Shared Service Provider of Central Administration, do all authenticated users have personalization permissions defined in Personalization services permissions, assuming your on 2007?

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PirateEric this is a WSS v3 - 2007 .I don't think i have a shared service provider in the Central Admin. – naijacoder Oct 3 '11 at 23:27

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