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Just a very quick question, hopefully someone can help:

On my global navigation, any items that have an & symbol in them display as the full & (actually displayed on the page, not in the code) which is quite bizarre. On the side navigation it looks just fine.

So sorry to ask a fairly trivial question, but honestly I'm very (very!!!) new to Sharepoint and haven't touched ASP before, and find it hard to work out exactly where this is happening.


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Special characters in the menu probably have to be escaped.

I am not sure if this is what you need, but please check this link

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I had the same problem. While not a overall fix, I have managed to fix this on each dispform.aspx by editing the page and adding a content editor web part (Below the dispform webpart) and adding the following javascript.

Solution / Workaround: I have added a content editor webpart to the dispform of the pages that are affected. Which include some javascript to change the html to show up as text instead of values of text.

 // Fix for HTML encoded choice field value on display form
 function registerChoiceFieldTemplateOverrides() {
 var choiceFieldContextOverride = {};
 choiceFieldContextOverride.Templates = {};
 choiceFieldContextOverride.Templates.Fields = {
 'Choice': {
 // The important bit: Change the display form template to the one that doesn't encode the value again. The original function that was used is: SPField_FormDisplay_Default 'DisplayForm': window.SPField_FormDisplay_DefaultNoEncode,
 ExecuteOrDelayUntilScriptLoaded(registerChoiceFieldTemplateOverrides, 'clientforms.js');
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