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Say, i have 100 users in user profile.

Requirement : Get all user profile changes from a given date-time value to Now(date time) in a collection .Iterate collection to do the necessary changes. Problem : If i am updating some user profile say , A. Then i am not able to get the changes when i am calling UserProfileChangeCollection with the specified time of the token. Question : Do i need to restart any service or timer job to make the changes appear in the UserProfileChangeCollection immediately. [I am able to see the changes some 24 hr later. ]

Any idea.

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I may be missing what you're trying to do, but I believe once a change has been pushed to UPS, the "User Profile Change Job" timer job has to run. With the default configuration this runs hourly.

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You might want to check out this thread which covers how to setup the farm for tracing User Profile changes: Tracing user profile changes without iterating all the through?

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I referred it earlier. I followed the steps to enable logging.Still not able to get the later changes. – Monica Jagani Sep 27 '11 at 12:57

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