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I want to create content type based on Element content type, which has only one field - Title. I'd like to modify this field's display name. How can I find the GUID of title field from base content type, so I can reference it in FieldRefs element and modify display name?

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If you are using Visual Studio 2010, you can use the Server Explorer to inspect the fields of the content type.

Server Explorer

You can also do the same thing (actually, even more) using a stand-alone application named SharePoint Manager

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I find your answer most helpful, since I don't have to leave visual studio :P – jjczopek Sep 26 '11 at 15:54

If you're looking for a standard Title field from an OOTB content type, there is a simple way to fetch it: just use SPBuiltInFieldId.Title field:

PS> [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPBuiltInFieldId]::Title



It could be done from code or from PS, as illustrated above.

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All base fields are defined in a feature :


Just search for "Title" and you will find the Title column and its guid.

A side note :

This file and 14\Templates\Features\ctypes\elements.xml for content types, are gold mines to understand and discover some undocumented ways of working with fields and/or content types

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