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I have a list called "Alerts" that has a lookup field to "MyEvents". In Sharepoint designer I need to make a workflow that is sending email with a hyperlink pointing directly to EditForm of MyEvents, like:

Alert, event data is missing, please fill the form: http://myserver/Lists/MyEvents/EditForm.aspx?ID=15

When I click on a hyperlink in email i can select [%Current Item:MyEvents%], but I can not go deeper, to have something like Current Item:MyEvents.ID. It ends with an email with:

<a href="214;#Event three 2011">214;#Event three 2011</a>

Any idea how to build it as I need with server url and EditForm and ID?


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Try with Workflow Context: Current Site URL, InstanceID,... etc.

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Thanks, in deed in the Workflow Context there are lot of usefull fields to take, so I've ended up with something like: [%Workflow Context:Current Site URL%]/Lists/MyEvents/EditForm.aspx?ID=[%MyEvents:Id%] – christof Sep 21 '11 at 9:48

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