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I'm quite new to SharePoint. Currently running SharePoint 2010 in our office. I need to setup folders in the Team Discussion so we can group various topics under each folder. I saw the New Folder button is being greyed out. I can't find any way under the settings to enable it.

I might no need the folder actually, all I need is the ability to group various topics under 1 root topics.

Btw, can someone also explain the normal hierarchy structure for discussion. Like Root->Topic->Discussion->Message or something similar, as I saw under Content Type, there's Discussion and Message, but not sure how they relate to each others


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You could create a column that would represent all of your topics. This could be a choice column that you would use to edit the properties of the discussion. Then, you could create a view that groups all discussions based on their topic. You will have the same data all automatically categorized.

For the hierarchy, a message can only be created when you are under the context of a discussion. It is how you can manage data that has behaviour that looks a lot like master/detail.

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Cool idea. I'll wait a little while and see if there's any other solution – faulty Sep 21 '11 at 6:02

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