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I'm using a slide library in sharepoint 2007 in combination with powerpoint 2007. When I want to create a new presentation by using a slide that is stored in sharepoint I get a little problem.

Copy Slide to presentation->Copy to a new presentation [x]Keep the source presentation format

This function works quite well, but when I now take a deep look in my new presentation I recognize that powerpoint added a second master instead of using the one stored in sharepoint only. The bad thing is that powerpoint uses the "office theme" instead of our custom one.

I tried to change the blank slide master in powerpoint, but doing this only changes the default slide master when starting powerpoint alone not via sharepoint.

Does anybody have a solution or an idea, how to fix this?

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According to, you can use the slide master in the target slide deck, but you must clear the option "Keep Source Formatting."

I have verified this works for me. I also see it confirmed in another article on slide masters.

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