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As the title explains, I want to restrict access for certain web services in the SharePoint environment. Is this possible and how do you pull it off? Not finding much to support that it is. I do not wish to disable all of the services, only a select few. If I could do so on a permissions basis that would be even better (i.e. disable a select few for all except collection administrators).


Reference to the services I refer to:

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this is for SP2010 – dbobrowski Sep 20 '11 at 13:00
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I haven't tried this, but what if you used location web.config permissions for the different web services you need to change the permissions on ( )?

I think the web.config you would need to change is located here: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\ISAPI

I'm also not sure if this is a supported scenerio or not. I know you are not allowed to modify ootb files and receive support, but web.config files are meant to be easily modified.

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You could probably at least deploy a feature and use SPWebConfigModification – Kit Menke Sep 20 '11 at 0:55
Eventhough there is a web.config in the ISAPI folder it should be sufficient to set the location in the zones IIS folder as web.config settings are inherited from the web.config in Framework/Config folder down to the local web.config. – Bernd Rickenberg Sep 20 '11 at 6:53

For SP2007:

Central Admin-> Application management -> Application Security -> User permissions for Web Application.

If you un-check the following: "Use Remote Interfaces - Use SOAP, Web DAV, or SharePoint Designer interfaces to access the Web site."

It will prevent anyone from using any of the web services, SOAP, WebDav, SharePoint Designer.

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I think this would be acceptable if I was willing to disable ALL of the services, which I do not wish to do. I should have clarified in the question. I will edit now. – dbobrowski Sep 20 '11 at 16:38

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