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Is there an easy way (i.e without programming & deploying a custom webpart) to remove the column/row headers in an Excel webpart view on a MOSS 2007 site? Customer sees:

     A      B      C      D
1   xxxx    xxx   xx     xxx
2    ---      -    -      --

Just wants the data, not the a,b,c,d,1,2,... default column/row headers. Can't find the option/group of options to do this in the Modify Shared Web Part display options.

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Simply go into the spreadsheet, select the area to be displayed, right click, and give the range a name. Then go into the web part, and type in the named range. Poof, no more column and row headers.

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It's a kludge, but you could hide them with jQuery on the client side if all else fails.

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I did this by hiding the rows and column indicators in the original (source) spreadsheet in Excel.

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