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I have successfully created a DVWP which queries all lists in my subsites and returns the correct columns using the following selectcommand:

      <Webs Scope="Recursive"></Webs>
          <FieldRef Name="Development_x0020_Status" />
          <FieldRef Name="Title" />
          <FieldRef Name="FileDirRef" />
          <FieldRef Name="ID" />
          <FieldRef Name="StreamName" />
          <FieldRef Name="StreamName" Ascending="TRUE" />
          <FieldRef Name="Title" Ascending="TRUE" />

One of the things i would now like to be able to do is group the results by the site that the item is located, much the same as a CWQP does group by . The query currently returns the webId, but I cannot see how to return the site name. How can i return this value?

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Yes, you can do this by accessing the Project properties. (List properties are also available.) See my blog post called Project and List Properties Available from CAML.


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Thankyou. Worked perfectly first time. – Clayton Firth Mar 18 '10 at 2:54
You bet. Glad to help. – Marc D Anderson Mar 18 '10 at 3:00

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