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How do I save a new web-based InfoPath form without having to manual-type the file name in the Save As dialog box as shown below:

enter image description here

The 'Name' column, which represent the File name can be derive from other column of the form. (Assuming all column of the forms need to be filled up).

In the form, there are 3 column named - Book_Title, Book_Author, Book_Price.
When a user create a new item in the form and provide the following information:
Book_Title: JQuery
Book_Author: Anderson
Book_Price: USD 10
After the user have typed finish, the user click save and SharePoint immediately name the File name as "JQuery_Anderson" and auto-close the form.

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You can solve this by adding custom save/submit button to your form.

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Or use a workflow after the fact, build a dynamic string storing Book Title and underscore and the Book Author. Then update the title with that value.

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