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I'm using update panels within a SharePoint 2010 form - I know update panels aren't the best thing to be using in the first place, but time is a issue on our project - and after a user triggers a second update the rich text box is becoming read only. The control doesn't allow me to enter text when I click on it and it doesn't display the cursor. I can get around it by selecting a item from the toolbar, but I'm not sure why that works.

In the past, I had issues with the update panel leaving HTML tags after a single update. I've resolved this issue by following this page. Any thoughts?

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I have resolved this issue.

add following lines 2 lines after line "RTE_TextAreaWindow_OnLoad(richtextContolId)";

RTE_GiveEditorFirstFocus(richtextContolId); RTE_TransferIFrameContentsToTextArea(richtextContolId);

Please let me know if it helps you...:)

Cheers, Yogesh Ghare

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To completely understand the above answer, you would require the following reference:

As suggested above, adding the following two lines after "RTE_TextAreaWindow_OnLoad(richtextContolId)", solved my problem:

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