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With regards to SharePoint 2007 versioning feature:

  1. Is it possible to put restriction on who can delete the version of a changed item in a SharePoint List?
  2. Can the versioning be apply to new item? Example: Suppose there are 3 items created inside a SharePoint List, it will be called Version 1. Later, someone add 5 new items into a SharePoint List, this will result in Version 2. So, if the admin notice that the 5 new items are invalid entry, it can simply delete Version 2.
  3. Is it possible to delete certain version for a particular item in a SharePoint List?
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  1. Yes. You can customize or create new permission roles (ex. you can customize the contribute role to disallow deleteing items) See:

  2. Versioning is applied on a per-item basis. So, in your example, each Item would be at version 1 when uploaded. Suppose an item is edited, then checked in and published as a major version. That item is now version 2 while the other items are still version 1. Batch deletes based on version like you suggest is pointless. Instead, just delete the items individually.

  3. Yes. See the answer to #1. One of the customizable abilities is the ability to delete versions.

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For Q1, actually what I mean was if there was a change of a particular item, the version for that item will increment. (e.g. suppose a new item is created, it will be version 1. later, someone edit it, it become version 2.) so is it possible to restrict from deleting the whole version history for a particular item? (I hope that I did not misinterpret your answer - do let me know if I really do.) – Wilson Tan Sep 8 '11 at 7:31
Yes, you can do that, See my answer to Q1. Its the same thing, you can customize the ability to delete version history. – Kyle Trauberman Sep 8 '11 at 16:54

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