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I want to create a date input box. When you select a date, it puts it in the format dd/mm/yyyy using the following Custom Field.

  <Field ID="{3a521b04-fca1-4707-9134-fa4acd1456d8}" Name="RegistrationDate"
       DisplayName="Registration Date"

I want the format to be for example: "Tuesday 6, 2011" Is there a way I can do it directly from here or do i have to use javascript on the client side.

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There are just two types of date format available in fields DateTime and DateOnly.

However there is a little workaround available: Create additional calculated field and in formula use:

=TEXT([Registration Date],"dddd d, yyyy")

This new will render your Registration Date field as you required.

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There's a Data View format functionality that can be seen here: SharePoint Data View Web Part Extension Functions in the ddwrt Namespace

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