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I'm not sure I'm doing this in the right way, but I was hoping someone here could guide me.

I have an application that I'm creating, allows users to create accounts, login, view their billing history, etc.

I have provisioned FBA on the web application, and am using the SharePoint login control. Using this - http://www.chapmanconsulting.ca/post/2010/05/08/Using-a-Custom-ASPNET-Form-for-SharePoint-2010-FBA.aspx

I have 5 other fields that need to be associated with the user ID. The regasp_sql application creates user and table roles in my custom database, I can populate it via the registration control.

Following are the fields that I see in the custom database that was created when I provisioned FBA -

User_ID Password Role

I also need - account_id firstname lastname

and the account_id will be a foreign key to a separate table

Am I doing this right? How do I add the extra column to the user profile table?

Also, when the user registers, there are fields that I'll need to have them fill out, how/where do I put those? The out of the box registration control doesn't have some of these fields.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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