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I am using the SP.UI.ModalDialog to popup a custom form. The form uses an XSL stylesheet that uses the GenFireServerEvent to commit the data. This works correctly, but I want to close the popup once the data is saved. What do I need to do to modify this form to commit the data and close the dialog?

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I am adding this so that others who stumble accross it might find it useful. I got this to work by adding a __redirect to the GenFireServerEvent like this: onclick="javascript: {ddwrt:GenFireServerEvent('__commit;__redirect={WhateverPage.aspx?IsDlg=5'})"

Then on this page add something like this:


function closeme() {
    if (tp1.indexOf("IsDlg=5") > 0) { window.frameElement.commitPopup(); }

This is what I needed to make this work!

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