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I created an integration of an existing product that shows reports in web, comparable to Reporting Services. This product needs Windows Authentication or Kerberos/ impersonation to access certain resources (relational databases) and for some (weird) DCOM configuration.

When configuring Sharepoint to use ADFS (claims-based authentication) it seems I have to configure anonymous authentication, what means that there is no impersonation available.

  • Is there any possibility to configure the web service with windows authentication while using ADFS?
  • Is that the right way or should I try to do it like described here "To temporarily impersonate the authenticated user":

Anyone experience with this kind of problem?

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Take a look at Using SAML Claims, SharePoint, WCF, Claims to Windows Token Service and Constrained Delegation to Access SQL Server or look through articles in the blog. They might give you a clue

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Will do so, thanks for the link. – Holger Leichsenring Aug 17 '11 at 13:38

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