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Is it possible to set up the Page Approval workflow so that only people in the Approvers group can be selected in the "Assign To" field?

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Yes, Sure you can set the approval group in the workflow configuration

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Cheers but I can't find the option anywhere in the workflow settings. I hope I'm not overlooking something real simple haha! Basically I've set up a "Approval - Sharepoint 2010" workflow for all of the pages in a subsite. When I open the settings for that workflow (Site Actions -> View All Site Content -> Pages -> Library -> Workflow Settings), I cannot see an option that would let me limit the list of people who can be selected in the Approvers section. Thanks anyway Paddy! –  Mr. J Aug 24 '11 at 23:47
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You can do this by first creating a copy of the Approval - SharePoint 2010 workflow and then open ReviewApproval_1033.xsn Association/Initiation form in InfoPath.

Then right click on the Approvers e-mail adressess -field and select Person/Group Picker Properties. In the SharePoint Server tab write down the address of your site collection and then open the General-tab.

You can select a group from the Choose from dropdown field that you want to limit the workflow to.

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