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Every time I visit the MySites of my on premise SharePoint 2013 site, I see "We're almost ready!" but I already have a My Site site collection.

A couple weeks ago, site collections stopped being created, and all new users are now seeing the same message. There is no error message saying there are any access issues.

I am able to see my documents that are in my My Site. I only see the "We're almost ready!" on the My Site Host and when I click on my newsfeed.

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Please go into the User Profile Service Application in Central Administration. Go to Manage User Profiles. Search for the profile experiencing the issue. Modify the "Personal Site Capabilities" from the existing value to 14. Save the profile and wait a few minutes, then re-check your MySite.

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This worked for my My Site, but new users site collections are still not being created. I am viewing the content databases screen in CA and the numbers are staying the same. – MattC Mar 10 at 20:48
Rebooting the entire farm resolved whatever the issue was. Modifying the Personal Site Capabilities corrected my profile. Thanks! – MattC Mar 10 at 23:36

There are the couple of things which can cause this issue.

  • check and make sure Distributed Cache is properly configured, up and running. check this
  • Check the Site Naming Format setting.Did the Site Naming Format setting set to “User Name (do not resolve conflict)”? check this
  • check my site host setting, check this
  • check if the personal managed path exists. check thisenter link description here
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