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I have tried this.Submit(), this.Save(), but neither seem to actually work. Is there a simple way of doing this? I have also tried using a submit button and then using custom rules for that, but still nothing. Finally, I tried doing Execute, but still nothing. Save gives a securty exception (think it needs full trust), and submit just never submits then gives a dialog saying so. Any simple ideas? Thanks!

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Not sure if it's the same problem, but please look at this post:

InfoPath close form by code

The issue they were having had to do with how they were invoking the code-behind...i.e. they were using "Send form data to a single destination" and had the form code behind a button versus using "Perform custom action using Code" from the Submit Options dialog.

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That is what I have at the moment, and submit just fails, saying 'InfoPath cannot submit the form. The OnSubmitRequest even handler returned a value indicating that the submit failed.' Any idea? Is there something that is different if you are submitting to a sharepoint site? – Batman Aug 4 '11 at 16:51
Did you see if there is anything in the ULS? Maybe turn on verbose logging for the Forms Services category in CA and see if that reveals anything. – Rob D'Oria Aug 4 '11 at 19:29

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