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According to this thread. SharePoint 2010 does not "support" using the datasheet view with multiple content types configured anymore.

But maybe somebody knows a workaround for my problem:

I have a list with two content types: one custom (called audit) and one folder content type.

When I edit list items in the datashaeet view it nicely displays all the audit columns and I can edit them. When I try to add records I can fill in all the fields and save it. When I then try to edit or view the item from a normal AllItems.aspx, I just get a single title field containing the list item id of the folder item created.

Is there a way to tell SharePoint, that it should set this default content type to "Audit"?

I've allready tried adding a (Nintex) workflow to the newly created folder and setting the content type to audit, but it doesnt change anything.

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Is Audit the default content type for the list? – Eric Alexander Aug 2 '11 at 14:30
yes, audit is the default content type.. – AyKarsi Aug 2 '11 at 14:58
Have you checked the ordering of the content type on the list? – Asad Refai Apr 28 at 14:51

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