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Is there a way to override a crawl rule in SharePoint 2007 Central Admin? For example, if I have a site and I only want users to see content from in search results, can I block the development and staging sites like so:

Exclude* -- this will exclude .../sites/dev and .../sites/staging

Include: -- will this be included?

Thanks in advance.


I implemented the rule set above and tried to use the built-in test function and results indicated that the portal site would not be included. Not sure if that's truly the case but still curious if this is actual.

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As I've just found out it will work if you use the "correct" order, that is, put the url you want in first, and then exclude the other stuff. Therefore:

(order=1) Include: 
(order=2) Exclude:* -- this will exclude .../sites/dev and .../sites/staging

Will make the test for pass

Unfortunately it is still ignored by the crawler!

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