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I am developing a web part and suddenly receive this error when activating it from site settings.

System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPSolution' to type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPFeatureDefinition'.

I cannot get this cleared up even after retracting and removing a number of times. Thanks

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are you doing anything in a feature receiver? – Rob D'Oria Jul 28 '11 at 23:00

It sounds like SharePoint is trying to activate your feature using a SolutionID instead of a FeatureID. Make sure you did not use the same guid as both a FeatureID and a SolutionID.

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Those are quite different and have not changed at all. The project has deployed more than once before but now all of a sudden this error. – ChiliYago Jul 29 '11 at 22:09
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The problem was that I added the solution ID to the Activation Dependency list instead of the Feature ID.

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Isn't this almost exactly what Laurie suggested? – SPDoctor Aug 2 '11 at 12:43

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