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I've a SharePoint 2010 Server Enterprise with 10 Enterprise CALs for a lot more users(all with AD CALs) but until now, all access's were succeed. So far, so good.

But after I take a deeper look into this calculator and some other info I'm not so sure if the above features are enough.

Is the SP Standard CALs the same as the Server CALs ?

Can anyone enlighten me in this question?


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You can refer to a series of posts (…) – Thuan Jul 28 '11 at 17:19
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@Bas is correct, you need to work with a specialist to ensure participate with the correct program and are licensed correctly.

I covered a similar question here:

What is the price of Sharepoint 2010 Enterprise Edition, with the 5 user cals

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The best information you can get about licenses is to contact with your Microsoft representative. Licensing with microsoft products can be very complex and I think that they are very willing to help you ;)

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