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My question is related to the address of the site i've created.

Currently the address is


Is this ok to use, or should it be something tidier? Is it possible to have something like the following?


Maybe in the great scheme of things it won't matter? I'm using SharePoint Foundation 2013.

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It doesn't matter. You can try browse http://server/ and it will redirect to http://server/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/.

When you need the address to run sometimes (e.g. Connect with SharePoint Designer, run a PowerShell command, or send the URL to some user) always use http://server/, not http://server/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/ or http://server/start.aspx#/

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Cheers, thanks for all the info. – LithiumKid1976 Apr 5 at 10:10

If you don't want _layouts/15/start.aspx to be a part of your URL you need to deactivate Minimal Download Strategy feature available under Site Actions -> Manager Site Features

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You should point out the impact of turning off MDS. It will increase page load times. – Matthew McDermott Jan 28 at 11:57
0.01 ms vs 0.009 ms – shufler Jan 28 at 17:30

Your problem comes because of the Minimal Download Strategy feature. MDS (new in SP2013, and activated by default on every Team Site) is a real pain the ass. You can deactivate it on a per-site basis ("Site settings", "Manage Site Features" and disable "Minimal Download Strategy").

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