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It seems that each month after a Microsoft update SharePoint is effected in some way and we have issues, particularly with workflows. It would be nice to have an comprehensive list somewhere that we could reference to cutback trouble shooting time.

I've been to Microsoft's update page but most of the updates they list are very vague at best.

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You rang? :) I have a SharePoint 2013 list at and SharePoint 2010 at I also maintain two Twitter acccounts, @sp2010patches and @sp2013patches if you want push updates.


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I run one at SharePoint Updates. Todd Klindt runs another.

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Don't forget Stefan Gossner! :) – Christoffer Jan 19 at 15:50
Office 365 road map? – Eric Alexander Jan 19 at 15:57
My assumption was that this was for on-prem, given there is nothing you can do in SPO with regards to patches. – Trevor Seward Jan 19 at 16:01
Thanks Trevor, I'll check yours and Todd's out! – Marker Jan 19 at 16:17
As always, thank you to both Trevor and Todd for this service. :) – shufler Jan 19 at 19:47

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