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is there a SP function that returns a valid title string for item? For example, I get an error for 0x07 (bullet) character, and from time to time I discover some new character that is not valid. I'm programatically setting title. So, which characters are valid and which invalid for item's title?

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While there is a ton of guidance out there on the invalid characters topic around SharePoint, I have never seen any that speaks specifically to list item titles. It's mostly related to site, doclib/list, folder, and file names to make sure you don't run into any problems with's KB article from Msft on the subject:;en-us;905231

I think from human-readability and co-existance with 3rd party solution standpoints I would myself restrict the title to alpha-numeric characters, but you're probably OK following the guidance on filename. in the referenced KB.

Hope that helps.

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broken URL, any summary? – Bratch Jan 7 at 17:22

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