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Is it possible to have a button inside a column in Sharepoint list.

For Example:

We have a column as ID - number, Name - Single line text box, Status - Approve as button so that user will click Approve and will update the Field value in the list and submits the record.

Is it is feasible in Sharepoint.

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May I know, which version of SharePoint you are using? – Shantha Kumar Thambidurai Jan 7 at 14:01
SharePoint 2010 – Bagavathi Jan 8 at 4:34
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If you are using SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online, you can take advantage of JSLink to render your Status field as you want - in this case a button with some javascript logic behind it.

The process would be very similar to the one described here:

I'm assuming here that by "submits the record" you are referring to something that can be achieved by javascript

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Read the Pros & Cons at :

  • Create a Calculated Column View

  • set Datatype=Number (will output String as HTML)

  • Add the Formula:

    ="<a href='#' onclick=""{event.stopPropagation();"
    &"var ID=getItemIDFromIID(findIIDInAncestorNode(this)),"
    &"}""><img src='/_layouts/images/VIEWREPORTSHH.png' width='20px'></a>"

Onclick it captures the ID value from the TR node
Builts the correct url
Displays a message (every click in a webpage should give an immediate response IMHO)
goes to the url

I am not 100% sure if those IID functions exist in 2010, if not see the examples below for alternative code



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