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I have created a cascading lookup column field for a list in sharepoint 2010. It's working fine in the Standard view but not in the DataSheet view.

In datasheet view it is showing all the possible options in child column; it isn't applying the parent column's filter.

For example: If you select the country India in the parent column, it should only show Indian countries in the child column; but in the DataSheet view it's showing all the other options.

How can I change the behaviour of the child column to filter the available options??

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The DataSheet view is unfortunately not customisable; SharePoint uses Access to render the sheet, which uses its own controls and methods.

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Hi stuart, thanks for ur reply. you mean, it is not at all possible to filter the content of child column of a list in a datasheet view? Then how to enable cascade lookup dropdowns for datasheet view? please give me solution for that – suresh Jul 22 '11 at 11:59
@Suresh: I'm afraid there is no solution that I'm aware of. – Stuart Pegg Jul 22 '11 at 12:00

You may also want to try KWizCom's list inline editor. This SharePoint add-on works in all browsers and also allows you to bulk-edit items that include custom columns:

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