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I would like to create a SharePoint 2010 production setup, where it is possible to deploy WSP packages to the environment without having to put up a maintainence "page" for the IF web site.

Do any of you have some/any experiences/idears of creating this kind of setup, one way is of course to create a two farm setup. But this will require a content freeze periode as I see it and I would like to avoid (or atleast have a very small content freeze periode (1~2 hours))

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As far as I know this is unavoidable. You shouldn't be deploying WSPs without first informing your users of a short time of unavailability anyway, and doing it out of hours. – James Love Jul 21 '11 at 12:28
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The only practical way I know for zero downtime is to have the two-farm live/preview setup with DNS switching. You will have to stop content updates between the time you take the content backup and the other farm becoming live.

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