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Working on a SP2007 implementation that has a large number of document libraries with custom permissions set, and they have a requirement to give better visibility of who has access to each library. Struggling to find a good way to display the permissions on the library page, as the Site Users part only has options to show users/groups who have permissions at the site level, or to show users within a specified group.

The latter option gets us mostly there, but listing individual users can result in a long scrolling list that is nasty even when limiting the web part size. Preference would be to actually show those groups that have permissions on the library, but I haven't found even a custom part that does this for a library yet.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

I suspect a cleaner way would be to move towards Document Workspaces, which have their People And Groups pages available to members to inspect, while libraries don't seem to have an equivalent.

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You can use SPServices to iterate the permissions client side, assuming the current user has permission to see them.

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