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How can I calculate the number of the week based on a date in a list? I tried several examples I found on the internet, but none worked correctly?

The formula should comply with the ISO standard where the week always begins on a Monday, and ISO week 1 begins on the Monday of the first week of the year that contains a Thursday. Said differently, ISO week 1 is the first week (beginning on Monday) that has at least four days.

Anybody has a good solution for that?

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I used the following formula. Week starts on monday. Depending on your regional settings you have to replace the ; with ,


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about the regional settings: login with browser locale "en-us". then add this formula in a calculated field, save it. After that,change back the locale ID and the formula automatically replaces with the localized formula. – Bas Lijten Jul 14 '11 at 16:18
This one works. Great thank you. – mikedevon Jul 14 '11 at 16:30

On the following link a solution is described:

Please keep in mind that different countries handle weeknumbers differently: week 1 could be: * the week of 1 january (any day) * the first week that has at least 4 days of januari * the first week that has 7 days of januari

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The formula under your link does not seem to work correctly: For example: for 1/1/2012 it returns week 4. It's seems to work for 2011 and 2013, 2014. But not for 2012. Strange. – mikedevon Jul 14 '11 at 9:57
=INT(([Report Date]-DATE(YEAR([Report Date]),1,1)+(TEXT(WEEKDAY(DATE(YEAR([Report Date]),1,1)),"d")))/7)+1
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Please provide a descriptive answer so it will be useful to the forum. – kesava Mar 15 at 3:24

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