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I need to get roles for current user(like visitors,contributors,administrators etc.) from sharepoint 2010. I am using Silverlight client object model to deal with sharepoint 2010 API.

Kindly share your knowledge.

thanks & regards

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Here is a sample code to get the groups in Silverlight app by calling the GetGroupCollectionFromUserAsync method of UserGroup.asmx web service.

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Why don't you explore possibilities of SharePoint Web services? I think you can reach your goal much easier by using web services then by using Client Object Model.

Take a look at UserGroup Web Service and its method UserGroup.GetRoleCollectionFromUser Method. I believe this method to be exactly what are you looking for.

Here you can find one example:

And here is explanation how to consume SharePoint Web Services from Silverlight:

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Thanks vedran, i just came back here . i achieved user permission level with the help of RoleAssignmentCollection, RoleDefinitionCollection. – palak bhansali Sep 20 '11 at 7:28

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