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I am working on developing an (ASP.NET) web part for SharePoint 2010.

I have a requirement to not to show the Appearance and Layout category which gets displayed by default in the web part tool pane (editor part).

So I am seeking pointer through which I can achieve this.

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Those Properties are stock standard with any Sharepoint webpart as you know.

I have not tested the following code, but i'm pretty confident that this should work:

    public override Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.ToolPart[] GetToolParts()
        Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.ToolPart[] myCustomToolparts = CreateMyCustomToolParts();

        //Removing the Base Method for calling creating the ToolParts should hide all the Built in Toolparts
        //return base.GetToolParts();

        return myCustomToolparts;

If this does not work I'd suggest some Javascript/Jquery:

function hideToolParts(){

Hope this helps.

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