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I am popping up a Custom Application Page using a call to SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog. Is there a way that I can close the dialog from the code behind after a user clicks a button?

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Found a solution. Add this to the end of the button click event:

Context.Response.Write("<script type='text/javascript'>window.frameElement.commitPopup();</script>");
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You can also add the SP.UI.ModalDialog.close(SP.UI.DialogResult.OK) event on your button or otherwise make some javascript logic that triggers this event if no errors occured.

Examples 1:

<asp:Button ID="Submit" runat="server" OnClientClick="SP.UI.ModalDialog.close(SP.UI.DialogResult.OK)" />

Example 2:

<script type="text/javascript">
// In case you use jquery ajax for some kind of postback
$.ajax({type: "POST", 
url: some_url, 
data: {},
contentType: ...,
success: function() {SP.UI.ModalDialog.close(SP.UI.DialogResult.OK);},
error: function() {SP.UI.ModalDialog.close(SP.UI.DialogResult.invalid);}
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Yes it is possible to close the Modal Dialog from code-behind.

Simply add the below code to your button click event and you are done.

HttpContext context = HttpContext.Current;
            if (HttpContext.Current.Request.QueryString["IsDlg"] != null)
                context.Response.Write("<script type='text/javascript'>window.frameElement.commitPopup()</script>");
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Better still create an extension method on the Page object

 /// <summary>
 /// Closes the SP Dialog down.  Note this will only work when the button triggering the close action does not reside in an Update Panel
 /// </summary>
 /// <param name="Page"></param>
 public static void CloseSPDialog(this Page Page)
     Page.Response.Write("<script type='text/javascript'>window.frameElement.commitPopup();</script>");

And call like this

void btnClose_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //Do stuff here
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