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Does anyone know if SharePoint 2010 Foundation multi-tenancy works if you install the farm in Active Directory Account Creation mode? I am able to use STSADM to create host header site collections but not New-SPSite passing the subscription id. I get a useless error along the lines of operation failed please try again in ULS logs...

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@sharkmu25: It doesn't mention account creation mode specifically but I wanted to point out the great series of articles about multi-tenancy on Share-n-dipity, starting with… – Alex Angas Feb 15 '10 at 6:44

Account Creation Mode was supposed to be deprecated in WSS 3.0 but the document that contained that information has had that line removed.

This link on TechNet may help you troubleshoot getting it working. I don't know if it is supported with multi-tenancy.

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Alex, thanks for your ideas. I have followed that Share-n-dipity series. I have come to the conclusion that multi-tenancy is not supported with AD account creation mode because AD account creation mode puts ALL users in a single OU. Multi-tenancy allows you to create a separate OU per tentant. We are moving away from AD account creation mode as it is troublesome for migrations\upgrades.


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@sharkmu25: I think that's a very good idea. Someone at my workplace has confirmed account creation mode is present in SP2010 but it is still deprecated. – Alex Angas Feb 18 '10 at 22:35

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