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I'm using WSPBuilder and it is very helpful. However, it is hard to understand the features of WSPBuilder because of its missing manual. I have to create a solution file to deploy "Return of SmartPart" (.wsp file), "Application Template Core" (.wsp file) and also "AJAX Extensions" (.dll files) so I won't have to edit the web.config to mark them safe controls.

Please, suggest how?

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Those WSP files are existing files, I don't think you can bring them into another WSP. CodePlex has a WSP for installing AJAX to a SharePoint site. Also, CodePlex has a SharePoint Solution Installer which you can use to automate, via a wizard, the installation of WSP files.


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I'm not familiar with the "Ajax Extensions" are they a project dependency, or is it a stand alone install/deployment item?

If it is a project dependency you can deploy it to the bin as part of your solution file.

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