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Is there a way to change the behavior of the "send to"-drop-down in a DL from "E-Mail a link" to "E-Mail as attachment"?

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SmtpClient is not available from a sandboxed solution:… SPUtility.SendEmail() doesn't allow attachments either. @Flash265 did you find an appropriate workaround? – SilverlightFox Dec 9 '11 at 17:05
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If you want to send a document as an attachment, you will need to write custom code. Use a feature to create a custom action that adds the "Send as attachment" link to the ECM.

<UrlAction Url="~site/_layouts/MyApp/MyCustomPage.aspx?ItemId={ItemId}&amp;ListId={ListId}" />

Clicking this menu item navigates to a custom application page where the user enters the email address/subject/email-body. The code-behind constructs the email and creates the attachment based on the current item and then sends the email.

using System.Net.Mail;

// get current list and item from query string
string listId = Request.QueryString["ListId"];
SPList list = this.Web.Lists[new Guid(listId)];
string itemId = Request.QueryString["ItemId"];
SPListItem item = list.Items.GetItemById(Convert.ToInt32(itemId));

// get from, to, subject, and body from your aspx page and use to construct mail message
MailMessage msg = new MailMessage(from, to, subject, body);

// create attachment from current item
Stream ms = new MemoryStream(item.File.OpenBinary());
msg.Attachments.Add(new Attachment(ms, item.File.Name));

// send email
SmtpClient smtp = new SmtpClient("yourSMTPserver");
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Thank your for your answer Laurie. I will try that out asap. Does this work as a sandbox solution? I don't have farm access in the enviroment where I need it. – Flash265 Jun 15 '11 at 10:01

Try to use custom WF Activity : "SharePoint 2010 - Send Email With Attachment" :

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