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I've seen that we can use MS Word to create new Blog posts. The option is available under Blog Tools > Launch blog program to post

Works fine, word opens with Blog kind of template, and I can publish But after the blog article is published, how do I edit the blog post using word again?

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Here is a blog post explaining how you can edit existing posts with Word editor.

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Hi Toni! Looks like the link you provided is broken. Can you fix it and possibly extend your answer, since as of now this doesn't help much. Thank You! – Benny Skogberg Aug 20 '14 at 16:38

I'd recommend using Windows Live Writer (WLW) rather than Word for editing blog posts. Word is really overkill and not specifically designed for blogs like WLW is.

WLW is a free download from Microsoft:

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Using Word 2010

  1. I went through the actions to create a new blog post to get to the Blog UI
  2. Use the "open existing" command
  3. Make edits and "publish" as usual
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