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Situation: I've got a pagelayout with 3 LanguagePanels with in everyone a RichImageField. Above these languagepanels, i've got a "General info" panel with a textbox for an url.
In edit mode, if I want to add an image to each languagepanel, that's possible, but when an url is filled in in the "General info"-panel, the image should be loaded in all the RichImageFields of the LanguagePanels.

I thought of doing this client-side (javascript). But I don't know how to set this (if it is even possible...)


<TranslationWebControls:LanguagePanel ID="NL" runat="server">
   <WebControls:RichImageField ID="RollupImageNewsItemNL" runat="server" />
<TranslationWebControls:LanguagePanel ID="FR" runat="server">
   <WebControls:RichImageField ID="RollupImageNewsItemFR" runat="server" />
<TranslationWebControls:LanguagePanel ID="EN" runat="server">
   <WebControls:RichImageField ID="RollupImageNewsItemEN" runat="server" />

Anyone knows how to solve this client side (if possible with javascript)???
If you know a better way to do this, please do tell...

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If you want to set the value of a rich text field with client side script, this blog post may help: I'm not sure that the control for an image field is exactly the same in the DOM, but this should get you close.

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