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Is it possible to add WSS as front end and MOSS as server?

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No, it's not possible to mix WSS and MOSS in the same farm. Furthermore, all servers must be at the same patch level etc.

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Hmm I didn't find any such information on Microsoft website can you point me to any link? – Kashif Feb 8 '10 at 16:22

If you mean to have a MOSS box as ONE server - and then a WSS box for the Web Front End - that would be seen as "avoiding licensing" by Microsoft.

You could certainly have a farm of WSS boxes - if that's what you mean. ie. load-balanced and multiple WFE's - just using the free WSS components.

Licensing is an annoying + tricky game - contact Microsoft to check if your're covered, etc...

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Yes, you are right I've tested it and you cannot add a WSS Front End in MOSS farm. – Kashif Feb 12 '10 at 10:35

Im not sure i understand this question.

MOSS is build on top of WSS -you can see WSS as the foundation of SharePoint (this is also what it is called in the new version 2010 of the product).

hth Anders Rask

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