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Currently we have a SQL Provider setup to manage a SharePoint Site Collection via Forms Based Authentication. However I currently have no real tools to manage the users within. I'd like to get a SharePoint based manager to I can add users, change passwords, etc. via SharePoint. Anyone out there ever built anything? A quick google search didn't reveal anything.

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Although not integrated in SharePoint, the IIS7 management console allows you to maintain these users.

Just navigate to a web application that has the SQL Membership provider in the web.config and click on '.NET Users'.

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You could create an application page or web part and deploy to your SharePoint site. On that page (or web part) add a CreateUserWizard control.

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Good thought, but was hoping for something out of the box – tekiegreg Jun 6 '11 at 21:01

For SharePoint 2007 you can use the Community Kit for SharePoint:

For SharePoint 2010 you can use the SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack:

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