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In a document library it is possible to show the "Checked Out To" field to determine who has a file checked out - is it possible to show when it was checked out so you can easily find 'Forgotten' checkouts?

The object model has a CheckedOutDate property - any way to surface this to the UI, preferably without code?

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If 'surfacing to the UI' == 'show in list view' then 'you are out of luck'

CheckedOutDate is SPFile property and can't be surfaced in list view. There is no such field in document library nor in Document Content Type.

Without using some code I don't see how it can be done manually (I have played around for a while). Very simple custom webpart can be developed.

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Easy. Edit/create a view to add 'Checked out to'. If not already there, also add 'Modified'. Sort by one or both.

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Afraid that won't work. The modified date will show the checked out date to the user whom checked out the doc - but everyone else will see the old modified date. – Ryan Jun 9 '11 at 7:29

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