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I know this might be a silly question but here goes. I intend to create a list using C# code. I do know the code but the question is, where exactly should I write the code in Visual studio. I mean which template to use (webpart, visual webpart) and do I need to add some references.

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Check this post http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/gg276355.aspx . it will give you some ideas.

To answer your question, You can write the code wherever you want and it depends on the scenario. I can use a Visual WebPart to create a new list.

I can also develop a event handler/feature to create a list programatically. Above link uses List Definitions.

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'It depends' should be part of almost every SharePoint answer :-) –  Bart Jun 6 '11 at 8:42

Shoban said the critical phrase in his answer.

It Depends

It really does depend on your situation. Normally I have lists created upon site creation, so I'll do this via CAML code and have it as part of a feature.

But you may need to create lists as part of a business process, within a workflow, or within an event handler.

Shoban's link refers to list definitions. This isn't necessary if your situation requires you to, for example, just create a Links list. You can just fire in the appropriate TemplateType in this case.

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