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I'm tying to move some Infopath form templates from one farm to another as part of a migration. In some cases, the orginal infopath template can't be found. Is there any way to pull the templates down from central admin?


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Please supply more information: 1. ... orignal template can't be found... In which case you found the orignal template? 2. Are any of your templates admin deployed templates? – ukhardy Jun 5 '11 at 16:44

If you are working with administrator approved forms, you can get them through Central Admin. For typical form library forms, the template is published to the /Forms folder of the library by default. However, you can check the Advanced Settings for a form library to see if a different location is specified, or if management of content types is allowed and the form template(s) for a content type(s) are stored somewhere else.

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