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I have question in the subject of list from type of survey. After I created a number of those lists

1. I want to use the results of the survey in order to use the next data, for instance: How many people chose the answer 3 in question number 5? tec.

2. now I want to create a list that all her item will be from character of survey how can i do it?

thanks:) Liron

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Liron: I, for one, can't really understand your questions. Could you explain more? – Marc D Anderson Jun 5 '11 at 13:15
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You do not need to create a second list in order to view the survey results. Do you want to show the survey results without an option to respond to the survey? If so, edit a page and add a list view web part for the survey to that page. Edit the web part and select the View to be either Graphical Summary or All Responses.

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